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Where Black Women Are the Authority on Black Maternal Health.

The Leading Name in Natural Birth for Black Women. PERIOD.

Whether birthing in a birthing center, in a hospital, with a midwife at home, or unassisted at home, Genesis Birthing & Living equips you with the confidence and with the knowledge to birth naturally and with the faith that you and your baby will walk away from your experience happy, healthy, and whole.

Helping Black Women succeed.

Black women’s childbirth and labor experiences are haunted by trauma and fear; and by a historical and national disparity of institutional support—especially in the realms of natural birth and home birth. Our aim? To change the narrative.

Change the Narrative.

What would happen if we all started listening to black women as it relateds? Would we once again view ourselves as experts of our own bodies and take back our power over our bodies?

The Natual Birth Study Guide

The FREE guide to everything a Black Woman needs to know for Natural Birth.

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Natural Birth: Where All Life Begins…

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